Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of the Month

My husband and I like many others only get paid once a month. I am still trying to get a monthly plan that works yet still it never fails that the last few days of the month I fel like I am always trying to put those last few "just have to have" purchases to use. I've been trying "fake meat" substitutes. Ever the opptimist! HA! I finally realized I am wasting money on this proccessed stuff. My next pizza will be all veggie, just the way I like it! The "cheese" we used is sooooo good! Even my hubby likes it. :0)

But what was really delicious was the thrown together mashed potatoes with some basil and roasted red peppers(from a jar). I cooked the potatoes with a couple of garlic cloves in the water. I mixed them with just a bit of the "garlic" water and some earth balance. With a fresh sliced tomato and green onion, all I can say is yummy!

The last dish (the one with the slice of Ezekiel bread toasted) was some left over chickpeas that I just added all kinds of spices and two tablespoons of some leftover corn. And again with the sliced tomato and onions but I added a bit of Organicville Thousand Island dressing. It is so yummy.

Funny thing is when I have to use what I have leftover it always seems to be the best meals. I think the best part of all is my husband is willing to try everything I make. He even eats it all even if he is not fond of it. It's nice to have him supporting and even joining me in changing our diets.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of this yummy food as much as we enjoyed eating it! (well, except for the fake pepperoni)

Take care.

Till my next post...

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  1. Looks Yummy!
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