Sunday, July 17, 2011

Begining Day 8 & Thoughts About First Week

First , let me thank you all for your kind comments and ideas! It means so much to me. Having support is such and added bonus. :0) My cup runneth over!

Now down to the nitty gritty! Around here when I get up, I hit the floor running. I have LOTS to do! So this morning I forgot to weigh myself till after breakfast. OOPS! My weight after 7 days is 291.2 (down .4 in 2 days) so I lost a total of 3.2 pounds this week. YEAH!!! That's with no exercise at all. This week I intend to add a bit of exercise and drink more water.

Let me tell you the 3 big things I have noticed after just one week.

1. My life right now is a bit of a mess. (that includes my home...I am moving around rooms and setting up a crafting studio) I have been feeling stressed everyday. I worry about every little thing! But after one week, not so much. :0) I feel 10 times calmer and I am internally compartmentalizing each chore and worry. That way it doesn't all seem like one ball of crap I have to deal with.

2. I will try to put this a delicately as possible. All I can say is this has been a "MOVING EXPERIENCE"!!! Lee and I both feel things are moving quite regular. hehe I also had my first hemorrhoid last year. Well, it's never gone away. I have been suffering with it for at least 8 months. In 4 days all symptoms are GONE!!! Sorry, if it seems a bit to much information but the fact is I just wanted to say I am already seeing results.

3. I saved the best for last. I"M NOT HUNGRY ALL THE TIME! Before I started this meal plan I was hungry ALL the time. If anything I feel like I"m eating too much. Dr. Barnard is so right when he states in his book "Certain foods trigger the appetite centers, causing you to over eat. Others trigger the satiety centers-the part of your brain that tell you to stop eating-so you eat less. What this means is that if you've felt like your appetite is stronger than it should be, this likely has a simple nutritional cause. By choosing the right foods-which you'll learn how to do-you can easily correct the issue." And how right he is! Even seeing the foods and smelling the aromas have become such a pleasure. I still feel a bit overwhelmed in the kitchen as far as doing dishes but it will get easier the more I do it. Let's face it, doing dishes has always been my least favorite chore. :0)

This mornings breakfast was so easy. A Ginger Banana Breakfast Smoothie and toast with jam. Lunch is a pita pizza with a mixed greens with roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Dinner tonight will be:

Curried Tomato Lentil soup
Steamed asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower
Crusty whole-grain bread
Mali Chips
Fresh strawberries

Tell me that doesn't sound delicious and tons of food! I will post pictures tonight of dinner. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

As always my friends, I wish you a happy and healthy day!

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