Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 11

Well, Day 10 really put me to the test. My husband, Lee, had to have some yearly exams at the VA Clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Usually, everything has run so smoothly on his appointments. Never too much waiting. But yesterday was really an off day for them. After he had a 5 minute bone density test. The nurse asked him to wait while she checked to see if it had gone through. Little did I know till my husband came out that the nurse that was in the waiting room where I was, was the nurse talking to all the other nurses about the door that was finally fixed for 30 minutes! Lee finally rolled out after waiting 45 minutes and asked if his test went through. She didn't even apologize for forgetting about him. She just said deadpan "your fine, you can go now." Then to finish we had to leave Lee's living will with a social worker. Well, first they sent us to one dept to another then to Mental Health dept. Finally, I said I thought I saw the offices on the 3rd floor by your doctor's office one time we were here. So we went up there and explained to the nurse at the desk. She said "let me buzz you back and I'll take you to your social worker." We followed her down the hall. She said she would find out which waiting room to wait at(there are 2 rooms close to each other) So as I walk over to one room and Lee stays put. I stand right next to her as she leans in the room and tells him we are here to just drop off a living will for Lee's files. She looked at me and said You can wait right here and he'll be right out. SO I thought he must be with someone else since I didn't look into the room. 40 minutes later Lee started to fume. He rolled around and knocked on his door which was open and he said...this is the truth..."Oh, are you waiting for me?" It was like that in every dept!!! What should have only taken us about 2 hours ended up being almost 5 hours!

Now, you may wonder why I would tell you about this. Normally I would be ready for a coke and a bag of chips after this! I hate to feel angry and it's always been easier to eat than explode! :0) Well, I know now I am better than that. I went prepared. Lee said we will only be gone about 3 hours but something told me to take water and some veggie snacks and some nuts. So when we left and got to the van we had a minute to let it go. I just hope this VA Clinic doesn't turn out to be like the Cleveland VA Hospital. We use to go up there for his yearly exams. So even though we waited longer than we should have we still didn't have to drive 3 hours both ways! :0) I really think the change in my diet has helped me feel calmer and feel better able to handle some extra stress. So as Lee said "it's all good".

So by the time we got home and ate we crashed for the night. I got back up (since we have kittens we are bottle feeding). So my sleep schedule is so thrown off. I have so much left to do around the house today. I'm down to the last of the re-organizing EVERYTHING in my house! When I am done with this last room I plan on keeping everything in it's appointed place. It is a nice feeling to simplify.

I will be back with some food pictures tomorrow. For today, I hope you will enjoy some pictures of our kittens. The black and white one is a male. We found him in our wood pile so my hubby named him Wood-E-Pile, Woody for short. The tiger cat is a girl and he named her Karma. But I just call her Miss Kitty. And that's our dog Jasper cleaning them. He is so protective of them. He really helps keep them calm. Who knew a dog would do that? :0)

As always, I wish you a happy and healthy day!

Till my next post...

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  1. Thanks for the photos of the kittens and your dog. Animals are so special. We had a dog and two cats. It took twenty years before the last of them passed on and then we went for a few years without any pets. Our girls were strays too. I think they were meant to be ours. People will ask us at our age why do we want to be tied down by pets. My husband and I feel they add so much to our lives.