Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 6

Ok, I told myself just weigh in once a week. Could I wait two more days? Of Course not! :0) I weighed 291.6 today!!! I've lost another 2.8 pounds. I was so happy about it and then that little voice in my head said "This is too easy. Your doing something wrong. Are you really suppose to eat this much food?"

I realize I am following a food plan to the letter. It's telling me what to eat, basically what to do for 21 days. I don't have to make any decisions, just follow. "Lightbulb Moment" I think this is why none of the other "diets" ever worked for me. You follow them and when your done your on your own. I'm a great follower not such a great decision maker. :0) It was so easy to buy prepackaged meals and snacks. I never had to "think" about what I put in my mouth.

But this is all so different. I like what I am eating. I'm finding it easier each day to be in the kitchen cooking. Seeing all the lovely veggies and fruit in the fridge actually makes me feel calm. It is cathartic to cut up the food and smell all the wonderful aromas. So, this time, my life, my thoughts and my heart are changing. I'm feeling calmer and "feeling" for the first time. I also feel full! I realize I can eat so much and feel content because I am actually feeding my body what it needs and it is telling me "well done"! At this moment I know in my mind that I have such a long way to go but I now know I am going to get there.

We are having portabella mushroom burgers for lunch. I'll be back later tonight to fill you in on my meal reviews for the day. Hopefully with some pictures.

As always, I wish you a happy and healthy day!

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