Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of Day 1, Day 2 & The Start Of Day 3

So sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. Yesterday we had one heck of a storm. It took out our phone and internet. I guess that's what happen when you live in a rural area. I took a few pictures just as the storm was coming.

The meal pictured was Dinner from day one. My brother and niece, Natalie came over and had lunch with us. I was so caught up plating the food and chatting with my little 2 year old niece, Natalie that I completely forgot to take a picture of lunch. Lunch was a Blue Corn Chip Salad and Sliced Watermelon drizzled with lime juice. The salad has been Lee's favorite dish so far. I love watermelon and though drizzling lime juice on it would ruin it. Oh, how I was wrong! It was awesome!!! It was the perfect end to the meal.

Now for the dinner I have picture here. I wish I could have gotten a better picture and I am sure blue plates don't do much for the look of the food. But the blue plates do match my kitchen. :0)

Dinner was the Fettuccine with grilled asparagus, peas and lemon; Caldo Verde and Pears in balsamic glaze. Let me first say, many of the foods I have never cooked with so if the fettuccine dish looks like the veggies burned your right. But it was still very good. The Caldo Verde in the bowl was like a potato kale soup. The pears in the glaze with arugula was so good just typing about it makes my mouth water! So far the Caldo Verde and the pear salad have been my favorite. These are going to be put to use in the future for sure.

Today we had citrus and sage oatmeal, mutigrain toast and orange slices for breakfast. The oatmeal was different. I liked it but the sage kind of threw me off. But I feel full and ready to start day 3.

I have lots of errands to run and a dog that has to be taken to the groomers. So I am prepping everything before I go so I will come back in between errands so as not to eat on the run. I'm still not sure if I should be snacking during the 21 days. I know in the book it lists snacks you can have but I think that is for after the 21 days. I need to read the book again. (you would think I could retain the information since I just read it 2 months ago. Hopefully this way of eating will help my brain function better too! LOL)

Take care and I wish you a happy and healthy day!

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  1. My mouth is watering too.
    As I wrote at your Day 1 post, you inspired me to buy that book. I looked ahead at the menus and saw that oatmeal with sage. Gotta say I wondered about it. But hey, I know people who have their oatmeal with kale or zucchini and soy sauce, and they love it.
    About snacks... Don't let yourself get real hungry between meals. That would be self-defeating. Have a snack if you need. Dr. McDougall et al always say, "This lifestyle is not about deprivation." Eat if you need to but make sure it is with the program.
    Good for you Shirley.
    I support you all the way.
    Blessings, Cat