Saturday, July 16, 2011

End of Day 6 and Begining Day 7

Yesterday, Lee and I went to Ikea in West Chester, Ohio. Yes, I have the best husband in the world. It is 2 hours away and all I needed was 3 cd/dvd shelves. I needed them for my craft space. They were EXACTLY what I needed and they didn't ship. I tried to find any company that had them to ship but no luck. SO our road trip was on. We used almost a tank of gas($37). My shelves were only $5.99 each. Yep we spent $37 dollars and 4 hours on the road for $19 in shelves! LOL I guess the real point I want to make here is I went prepared. Thanks to my sister Mary who is always getting prizes at her work(UPS). She gave me a really nice UPS insulated lunch bag. It fits 2 little freezer blocks along with two waters and a small veggie snack. I admit I was pretty hungry when we got home but I was prepared to make lunch as soon as I walked in the door.

I did it! We didn't stop for drinks or a quick meal. I realize with a good breakfast under my belt and a healthy snack(and of course drinking water) really did keep my hunger in check.

I felt rewarded when I took the first bite of my "Best Portabello Burger"! I have never cooked a mushroom in water like that but I have to tell you it was out of this world.

OK, Now for my big confession of the day. My husband was feeling exhausted. (He is after all a quadriplegic and doesn't always have the energy to keep going) He decided about 5pm to lay down. When I went in around 7 to get him up for dinner. He he didn't feel like it just yet and asked to wait an hour. Well, I had just got done talking to my sister and thought I'll just lay down with him too. I mean just a nap for an hour. Well, I bet you know what I'm going to tell you. We slept through dinner. Not good. I woke up around 11pm to our two little kittens cries for milk. I fed them. Lee just wanted to sleep and to tell the truth so did I. So, we didn't have dinner but I feel much better this morning than I have in a while. I thought I would wake up starving but not the case. Maybe, our bodies were telling us they needed more rest than food? I just know I don't want to miss anymore meals. I have such a fear of failure if I don't follow the plan to a tee. I feel like I'm always trying to learn to go with the flow more...someday soon hopefully!

We will be grocery shopping today again for the next few days. Whole Foods is crazy on the weekends! Got my new camera card so I will get in gear and start taking pictures again! Not much of a blog without the pictures. LOL :0)

As always, I wish you a happy and healthy day!


  1. Hi Shirley! How can you fail when you have so many people who love you? Let those who love you help lift you when needed.

  2. I've never met Shirley & I think she's lovable too.
    Shirley I relate to your feelings... fear of slipping. Set your mind... if you do have something that's not on the program, remember it's only once... & get back on track.
    I'm so happy you're enjoying the food.