Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick Update

I am so behind it scares me! HA! I have so much to do and just let myself get behind. I need to find real balance in my life. As soon as I started this 21 Day Kickstart Program, I sort of let everything fall by the wayside.

So let me apologize for not posting as I had wanted to do. I haven't taken the time to take many photo's of the food. But I will be back on track hopefully by Wednesday.

Now for my weigh in this morning. After two weeks my weight is 287.4! I lost another 3.8 pounds this past week. It's hard to believe but since I started the test run and into the plan I have lost a total of 18.6 pounds! In less than 3 weeks!!! AND NO EXERCISE! Now to just get my big jiggly butt in gear...think of the weight I could lose! hehhe :0)

I can't really tell that I've lost the weight when I look at myself, since I am so obese. It's hard to think that I am more than 150 pounds over weight. I realize now how I got here. I know now how to fix this and stay healthy the rest of my life.

I may not post till Wednesday but remember I am sticking to the plan and will be back to share pictures and reviews of the dishes we have been having.

Take care all. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and most of all have a happy and healthy day!

Till my next post...

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  1. Shirley, I am so happy for you, and proud of you, too! Hugs to you, dear friend!