Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been in such a funk of late. And even though I don't feel like doing anything. I still exercised today with my husband. I walked on my treadmill(1 mile in 35 minutes). I also lifted weights, did leg lifts and jumped on my mini trampoline.

Now here's the thing. I know exercise is suppose to make you feel better. A natural pick me up but I just feel tired. I haven't been exercising so I will have to get use to it again. I think I'm so sad and stressed that it's going to take more than just one day of exercising to make me feel better. But I will continue on. I will do my best!

What I do feel is accomplishment! I didn't want to, I could have made excuses but I did it anyway. For that I thank my husband and Debb for her encouragement over this stressful time.

I go to a support group this coming Tuesday for caregivers. I think it will be a step in the right direction. It sure makes you grateful for what you do have! :0)

Well, I need to go to bed. I have my family visiting tomorrow. My house is not cleaned up enough but I just can't do anymore tonight! It will have to wait til morning.

Take care and I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

Till my next post...

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  1. You are exactly right Shirley! You did accomplish something! Your willpower was strong ... and each day will get easier. The trick is to make exercise a habit ... not a chore.

    Take it from me (I used to be a personal trainer) it's not easy ... but you can do it .... and you are already closer than you were yesterday.

    Big Hugs
    xoxoxo Carly